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Chinese Scripts (in Chinese Calligraphy) : Chinese scripts are generally divided into five categories: the seal character (zhuan), the official or clerical script (li), the regular script (kai), the running hand (xing) and the cursive hand ... more ...

Chinese Spring Festival : Spring Festival is as important to Chinese as Christmas to westerns. It is the Chinese New Year, known also as "passing the year" in Chinese, marking the most important and popular of all Chinese f... more ...

Chinese Tea : Chinese Art of Tea (Cha in Chinese) Drinking Wherever Chinese go, the custom of drinking tea follows. The Chinese were the first to discover the tea leaf, and have drunk tea for uncounted ages. Whe... more ...

Rooster year : Roosters are very loyal individuals. They do not like dishonesty or mockery of any sort. They are blunt, up front and honest people and expect those around them to be the same. Roosters are happies... more ...

Rules of Pearl Care : The most important way to prevent damage to your pearls is by following the golden rule of putting your pearls on as the last thing you do when finishing your grooming. ... more ...

Shaolin Kung Fu : Shaolin kung fu are those Chinese martial arts that trace their origins to Shaolin, be it the Chan Buddhist Shaolin temple and monastery in Henan Province, China; another temple associated with Sha... more ...

Shaolin Kung Fu: Five Animal Styles : Shaolin Kung Fu can be classified as the Five Animal Styles:
  1. Tiger Style
  2. Crane Style
  3. Leopard Style
  4. Snake Style
  5. Dragon Style
These styles imitate the movement of th...
more ...

Shaolin Kung Fu: Northern and Southern styles : The regional differences between schools of Shaolin correspond to the regional differences between Chinese martial arts in general: "Nánquán běituǐ." The South punches, the North kicks (l... more ...

THE ANIMAL SIGNS: RABBIT : THE RABBIT is a born diplomat and cannot bear conflict. Rabbits can be evasive and will often give the answer they think someone wishes to hear rather than enter into a discussion. This is not to s... more ...

THE ANIMAL SIGNS: RAT : THE RAT is an opportunist with an eye for a bargain. Rats tend to collect and hoard, but are unwilling to pay too much for anything. They are devoted to their families, particularly their children.... more ...

THE ANIMAL SIGNS: ROOSTER : THE ROOSTER is a very sociable creature. Roosters shine in situations where they are able to be the center of attention. If a Rooster is present, everyone will be aware of the fact because no Roost... more ...

THE ANIMAL SIGNS: SNAKE : THE SNAKE is a connoisseur of the good things in life. Inward-looking and self reliant, Snakes tend to keep their own counsel and dislike relying on others. They can be ruthless in pursuing their g... more ...

THE ANIMAL SIGNS: TIGER : THE TIGER is dynamic, impulsive and lives life to the full. Tigers often leap into projects without planning, but their natural exuberance will carry them through success fully unless boredom creep... more ...

The Seventh Evening of the Seventh Month Festival : The Seventh Evening of the Seventh Month Festival The seventh evening of the seventh month festival is originated from a touching tale. It is also called as " meeting of stars ". It is said that a ... more ...
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