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Yong Chun Boxing:Learn-KungFu
Yong Chun Boxing
Type: DVD   [1 Disc]
System #: VA-02-0004
Language:  English Subtitle
Producer: Beauty Inc. China
List price: $28.00 Our Price: $16.88

Yong Chun Quan - Seeking Bridge
DVD: 1 Disc
Color: DVD-5
DVD: Chinese and Cantonese narration
MPEG-2: English subtitle
NTSC: All (region code free)

Saying "Tai Chi covers Northern China while Yong Chun leading the Southern" to describe how far and wide Yong Chun Quan spreads and how popularly it is practiced that will be no ecaggeration. Yong Chun Quan is an unusual branch of the martial art of Southern Boxing. It is one of the martial arts under the nation's excavation and protection. It was Bruce Lee who introduced Yong Chun Quan to the whole world, while our revered Mr. Peng Na is Foshan, Guangdong Province has invisible to his inclinations. Yong Chun Quan is of the internal exercises, each style of movement comes out of the internal force, tide comes from the mind, and it thrusts the force, thus the mind, tide and force join together, so it is very practical in boxing fighting. The Peng's Yong Chun Quan series of Foshan, Guangdong includes the primary sets Xiao Lian Tou, Biao Zhi, Seeking Bride, Wood-figure stake, with apparatus sets of Butterfly Double-Falchion and the Six-Touch Half-Stick as well as the unique Wood-Figure Stake Practice of the Peng's Yong Chun Quan, which is really a rare set of skills of martial art for boxing fighting lovers.

Seeking Bridge is the medium series of Yong Chun Quan. It performs with edge shape movement routine and direction, combining the attack and defense hand method, foot method, leg method. Its attack hand method has three push complex palm: upper, middle and down three arm hand, as will as needle step, shoot wrist, front, side and inner kicking leg, which is necessary stage for Yong Chun Quan to access to the super sries.

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Yong Chun Boxing

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Learn KungFu

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