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Tai Chi with Broadsword (Cheng Style):Learn-KungFu
Tai Chi with Broadsword (Cheng Style)
Type: DVD   [1 Disc]
System #: VA-02-0002
ISBN:  7-88721-064-X
Language:  English Subtitle
Producer: Beauty Inc. China
List price: $28.00 Our Price: $16.88
  Currently Out of Stock

Cheng Style TaiChi Single/Double Broadsword
DVD: 1 disc
Color: DVD-5
DVD: Chinese narration
MPEG-2: English subtitle
NTSC: All (region code free)

Three are 35 movements in this routine, which is reasonably and cohensively arranged. Its main movements include hack, chop, parry, thrust, intercept, press, push, slice, block and swing in figure-8 form. With smooth and round body movements and agile and stable footwork, the to broadswords are wonderfully played, fully embodying Chen-style Taiji Quan's features of hardness and softness in harmony, fastness and slowness in interval and looseness, activeness and explosiveness in force application.

Exercise requirements: the broadswords should cooperate well with the stops, as the saying goes that "Looking at your hands when using single broadsword and watch your stops when using double broadsword", which emphasizes the importance of your footwork when practicing tow broadswords.

Chen-style Taiji Single broadsword is one of the short weapons. The original routine has 13 movements and so it is also called the 13-form broadsword. This routine is short and its every movement is practical and powerful. Main movements include roll, close, thrust, block, chop, cut, intercept, twine, slice, parry and raise in straight arms, truly showing Chen-style Taiji Quan's special characteristics. The broadsword is played as powerful as a tiger jumping down a hill, with the advantage of long and short weapons.

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Tai Chi with Broadsword (Cheng Style)

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tai chi yang style

Learn KungFu

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