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Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists' Clinical Experiences:Medicine-Acupuncture
Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists' Clinical Experiences[1 Book]
System #: BA-04-0004
ISBN:  7-119-01042-5
ISBN:  7119010425
Author: Chen Youbang and Deng Liangyue
Language:  English
Publisher: Foreign Language Press
Type: Hardcover
Pages: 639 Pages
List price: $55.00
Our Price: $42.00
Developing clinical advantages and increasing therapeutic effects are considered the key points for the promotion and development of acupuncture and moxibustion as well as of traditional Chinese clinical medicine. This book features the essentials of clinical experiences and provides information and reference materials to readers who will share its benefits in their clinical practice and study.
The book consists of sixty-nine articles, each of which is the clinical speciality of a professor, an associate professor, or a research fellow. Every article is composed of three parts. Part one gives a brief introduction to the author's background, his or her major achievements, representative works, working unit and current professional titles. Part two deals with the academic characteristics and medical specialties; it covers the theory, technique, prescription, acupoints, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and other treatment methods such as qigong and massage, and the instruments of acupuncture and moxibustion. Part three is a consideration of the case records, in which some typical cases are analyzed as proof to the theory under discussion, and some difficult cases, although not strictly related to the topic being discussed, are adopted when deemed necessary. Not every articles mentions all these items. There are a total of 293 cases collected in the book.
  • Full Understanding of a Disease and Significance of Arrival of Qi Yu Shuzhuang's Clinical Experience Yu has discovered the method of conducting qi by a patient himself, and in collaboration with the Academia Sinica in 1976, he also discovered the recessive transmission of acupuncture reaction. Yu thinks that the most important thing in treatment of diseases by acupuncture is to have different needling sensations, the intensity of which is based on the depth of needling to treat various conditions.
  • Technique of Superficial Insertion with Frequent Rotation Ma Shiming's Clinical Experience Dr. Ma has much experience in the treatment of the sequela of encephalitis, infantile poliomyelitis, facial paralysis, enuresis, infantile diarrhoea and dysmenorrhea.
  • Application of Qi Conducting and Meridian Regulating Manipulation Ma Ruilin's Clinical Experience Dr. Ma advocates that doctors should be good at conducting qi under the needle to achieve the treatment's purpose by regulating the flow of the meridian qi.
  • Deep Insertion of Zhongwan (Ren 12), Heavy Moxibustion at Guanyuan (Ren 4), Bloodletting at Weizhong (B 40), and Venous Cupping Therapies Wang Fengyi's Clinical Experience Dr. Wang has studied acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and selection of the points according to "Zi Wu Liu Zhu" noted in Internal Classic.
  • Treatment of Scrofula, Wind stroke and Paralegia Wang Leting's Experience Since 1929, in clinic, Professor Wang advocated, treating radically, the stomach is the base, in treating paralysis, take Du Meridian first, and regulating qi first in case of affection by wind, qi circulates then the wind will be gone. Shu points of the five zang organs used in combination with Geshu, Wang's Jiaji prescription, Du Meridian thirteen needles prescription, and old ten points prescription were his experienced prescriptions and his exploration in the treatment of windstroke, traumatic paraplegia and gastro-intestinal diseases.
  • The Application of the Differentiation of the Meridian Reaction Points Dr. Wang Pinshan's Clinical Experience With modern scientific technology, Dr. Wang has discovered the acoustic information transmitted along the meridians, confirming the objective existence of the running course of the twelve regular meridians on the body surface and the four extremities.
  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion Corresponding to the Syndromes and Combination of Points According to Its Rules Dr. Wang Xuetai's Clinical Experience Dr. Wang insists that the manipulation for the reinforcing method should be heavy insertion and light withdrawal of the needle and for the reducing method, light insertion and heavy withdrawal, which can be used respectively to treat the deficiency and excess syndromes.
  • The Theoretical Research and Application of Scalp Acupuncture Fang Yunpeng's Clinical Experience Professor Fang treated diseases by combining traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine. He has researched a new acupuncture method - "Scalp Acupuncture," and published a book on it.
  • Refreshment of the Mind, Quantitation of the Manipulation, Zang-fu Differentiation and the Pricking Method of Bloodletting Dr. Shi Xuemin's Clinical Experience Dr. Shi is systematized the experience of past acupuncturists and combined it with his own clinical knowledge to raise the academic level of acupuncture. He has had success in treating such acute and severe diseases as windstroke, colic pain of the gallbladder, and pulseless diseases.
  • Proficiency in Penetrating Points with the Gold Needle Ye Xinqing's Clinical Experience Dr. Ye held that the liver was the first one to be affected by emotional factors. Instead of maintaining the patency for the flow of qi, the disfunctioned liver qi will transversely attack the spleen, which leads to failure of the spleen in transportation and transformation, thus resulting in deficiency of kidney water and retention of deficiency-heat. It is stated in Plain Questions that "the herbs are treating the diseases deeply located inside the body, while acupuncture is better for the treatment of those on the superficial portion of the body." Dr. Ye put forward the combination of these two, because the herbs function well in reinforcing or reducing, while acupuncture functions well in regulating qi circulation. He had success in treating aplastic anemia, insomnia, disharmony between the liver and stomach, hypochondriac pain etc.
  • Point Application and Herbal Moxibustion Tian Chonghuo's Clinical Experience Tian has been engaged in acupuncture clinical practice, teaching and research for more than thirty years, emphasizing the combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs and massage in his clinical practice. The adhesive plaster for relieving asthma made by Tian and his colleagues achieved the research prize of the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Exposition of Penetrating Acupuncture with Long Needles Feng Runshen's Clinical Experience In his clinical acupuncture practice, her put forward a proposal of acupuncture standardization and the importance of peculiarity of meridians and points. He maintained the comprehensive treatment of the combination of acupuncture and medicine.
  • Five Necessities in Acupuncture and Research on Their Mechanism Kuang Peigen's Clinical Experience Dr. Kuang summarized "Five Necessities in Acupuncture Stimulation" and published more than twenty articles on acupuncture research. Research and Application of the New Nine Needles Shi Huaitang's Clinical Experience Dr. Shi is the author The Reformation and Clinical Application of the Nine Needles. These nine needles of a new type have filled in gaps in the field of acupuncture therapy. For instance, the round magnetic needle treats phlebeurysma; the fire needle treats leukoplakia vulvae; and the fire blunt needle treats angioma.
  • Priority for Qi Regulation and Magic Use of New Points Bi Fugao's Clinical Experience Dr. Bi has improved the use of Huatuojiaji points in his clinical practice therefore improving the curative effects for treatment of arachoid membrane paralysis, sequelae of windstroke, and Wei syndrome. He discovered the new point "Huanzhongshang Xue," which is very effective for prolapse of the uterus, ptosis of the anus, nocturnal enuresis and seminal emission.
  • Synchronous Manipulation and Combination of Pair Points Liu Jingshan's Clinical Experience Dr. Liu is one of authors of Practical Handbook of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, the author of Dr. Shi Jimo's Clinical Experience on Herbal Medicine which won the first prize for the National Excellent Scientific Books in 1982.
  • Proficient in Applying the Needling, Pricking, Scraping and Cupping Techniques Qu Zuyi's Clinical Experience The traditional cupping refers to the cupping of blood stasis, in which cupping is performed on the face, and the purplish petechia remains. It is therefore not convenient for the professional actors, singers and teachers. Dr. Qu improved this therapy into congestion cupping, and the fixed cupping into continuous flashing cupping method, which is not only beneficial for the patient, but also good for increasing the therapeutic effect. For many years, it has been welcomed by the people.
  • Principle Based on Differentiation, Prescription According to Principle Liu Guanjun's Clinical Experience Dr. Liu advocates combining the advantages of both herbal medicine and acupuncture, absorbing good points of various schools, and following the creative style of one's own. His works include Pulse Diagnose, Simplified Version of Ziwuliuzhu, Selections of Medical Cases in Modern Acupuncture, The Understanding of Acupuncture, Collection of Needling Techniques in TCM, Explanation to Nomenclature of Acupoints, Pricking Therapy.
  • The Reinforcing and Reducing Method, Application of Back-Shu Points and Crossing Combination of Acupoints Yan Runming's Experience Dr. Yan has publish Miraculous Pivot Teaching Materials and Gynecology Teaching Materials, and given lectures and treatments in Pakistan, Japan, and India.
  • Advocating Acupuncture Treatment Based on Differentiation of Syndromes According to the Theory of Jingjin and Emphasis on the Research of Needling Technique Dr. Guan Jiduo's Clinical Experience Dr. Guan is good at treating various pain syndromes by using finger acupuncture therapy. During the last thirteen years he has treated over fifteen hundred cases of epilepsy with the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine, the effective rate of which reached 83 percent. He designed and created nonsmoking moxa sticks, which have raised the therapeutic effect of the original moxa sticks and eliminated the smoke and ash.
  • Finger Pressure and Warm Reinforcement Xu Shiqian's Clinical Experience Professor Xu directed the research on "Clinical Observation of the Therapeutic Effects on Fifty Cases of Coronary Heart Disease Treated by Acupuncture, the Observation of the Difference of Main Acupoints for Treating Coronary Heart Disease," "Clinical Observation of the Therapeutic Effect of Fifty-one Cases of Cardiovascular Diseases and Hyperlipoidemia Treated by Acupuncture," "Observation of the Influence on the Left Heart Function in 106 Normal Subjects and A Hundred Heart Disease Patients after the Needling of Hegu Point."
  • Suppurating Moxibustion Yan Dingliang's Clinical Experience Dr. Yan has compiled Brief Introduction of Yan's Suppurating Moxibustion in Pinghu, Acupoint Selection and Application of Acupuncture Tonic Therapy, A Talk on Moxibustion, Twelve Principles of Penetrating Puncture, Reading Notes on Yan's Moxibustion.
  • Primary and Secondary Prescriptions and New Advances in Selecting Local Points Li Zhuanjie's Clinical Experience Since 1974, Professor Li has been the chief of the Department of Circulatory System in the Acupuncture Institute of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and researched acupuncture for treating coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. This subject, in cooperation with the research division of the basic science, was awarded the second class prize of the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Standardization of Reinforcing and Reducing Method, Improvement of Moxibustion Li Zhiming's Clinical Experience Professor Li regarded the four methods of promoting the arrival of qi, regulating qi, retaining qi and leading qi as the basic maneuvers of heat reinforcing and cold reducing and contribute ed to the standardization of the reinforcing and reducing method.
  • Bloodletting Therapy and Selecting Points Yang Jiebin's Clinical Experience Dr. Yang is good at acupuncture, and especially proficient at bloodletting therapy and selection of points.
  • Studies of Selection of Points, Combination of Points and the Manipulations Yang Jiasan's Clinical Experience Dr. Yang has contributed a great deal to the study of the location of the Shu points, the clinical indicating features, the combination of acupoints and manipulations of acupuncture and moxibustion. In 1962, working together with Mr. Yue Meizhong, he cured the former President of Indonesia Sukarno's disease through traditional Chinese herbs and acupuncture.
  • Five Steps in Differentiation and Multiple Shallow Needling He Shuhuai's Clinical Experience Professor He has experience in the application of the syndrome differentiation, especially proficient in treating windstroke, headache, Bi-syndrome, asthma and facial paralysis. He advocates needling superficially with more points. Thus widening the indications of Huatuojiaji and Ashi points.
  • Selecting Points and Improving Acupuncture Implements Yu Zhongquan's Clinical Experience Dr. Yu is for needling according to time, but simplified the needling technique of Mid-night Ebb-flow Method. He developed new methods of treatment, especially new acupuncture implements, such as retaining small pills on the ear points, applying a rolling needle on the skin and using a spring needle device in puncturing. These implements are effective for the treatment of windstroke, pain, laryngospasm and stranguria.
  • Three Steps in Needling, Three Prescription in Treating Paralysis Song Zhenglian's Clinical Experience Professor Song has been engaged in clinical and laboratory researches on cerebral vascular disease, syringomyelia, sequlae of encephalitis, sciatica, and cervical syndrome.
  • The Clinical Study on the Needling Sensation Zhang Jin's Clinical Experience In cooperation with others, Professor Zhang invented the acoustoelectric needle, the electric blunt needle, acoustoelectric blunt needle and the thermo-electric blunt needle. He emphasized the importance of qi reaching the affected area and method to raise the rate of qi reaching the affected area. He has proven the existence of latent propagated sensation and its theoretical significance.
  • Point Injection and Ear Acupuncture Therapy Zhang Heyuan's Clinical Experience Professor Zhang is good at using strychnine for point injection to treat various disease with good result, and good at treating gynecological diseases with auricular acupuncture and emphasizes the selection of points based on differentiation.
  • Congenital and Acquired Situation in Pulse Diagnosis, Warming Tonification and Cold Reducing in Acupuncture Techniques Lu Shouyan's Clinical Experience In 1958, Dr. Lu created the first electric glass manikin of meridians and acupoints in China coordinated by the former Shanghai Teaching Model Factory. His major works are Orthodox School of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Pictorial Book of Meridians, Acupoint Concept, Collection of Techniques in Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Acupuncture Atlas.
  • Classification in Toning and Reduction, Benefits from Acupuncture and Moxibustion Chen Dazhong's Clinical Experience Dr.Chen has special experience in the treatment of cervical cancer, malignant oxyhhil cellular tumour, hypertension, insomnia, vertigo, intractable constipation, and various painful syndromes. He designed and manufactured acupuncture substitute pills, acupuncture-needle forceps, electric auricular apparatus, and non-traumatic qi-guiding therapy.
  • Palpation of the Meridian and Time Phase of the Meridian Chen Zifu's Clinical Experience Through twenty year's clinical and teaching work, he has accumulated a lot of experience in the study of the meridian Shu points.
  • Reinforcing and Reducing by Slow and Quick Insertion of the Needle, and Scalp Acupuncture Chen Keyan's Clinical Experience Dr. Chen emphasized the slow, quick, reinforcing and reducing maneuverers in her research work of acupuncture and moxibustion and successfully applied such techniques as the infrared imagine technique in the clinical studies. In clinic, she was good at using scalp acupuncture, and good therapeutic results had been obtained in treating cerebral vascular disease, hypertension, epilepsy, bulbar paralysis, polyneuritis, peptic ulcer, etc. with the reinforcing and reducing method.
  • Differentiation of Syndromes in Meridians, and Balancing the Liver and Spleen Chen Zuolin's Clinical Experience Mr. Chen emphasized the combination of syndrome-differentiation and meridian identification.
  • Effect of Back-Shu Point in the Treatment of Mental Disorders Shao Jingming's Clinical Experience He has published the Clinical Observation and Experiment Research on Acupuncture Treatment of Asthma and other theses and articles.
  • Effect of Moxibustion Luo Shrong's Clinical Experience Dr. Luo emphasizes the syndrome-differentiation and treatment of the Du meridians. He published Method of Spreading Moxibustion in Treating Bi-Syndrome of Cold-damp Type.
  • Regulation of the Spleen, Stomach and Qi Zheng Zhuoren's Clinical Experience Mr. Zhen was known as a specialist of traditional internal medicine with a profound knowledge of Miraculous Pivot.
  • Treatment of Difficult Diseases with "Eight Methods" Zheng Kuishan's Experience He has published seven treatises and compiled two books, Collection of Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Mid-night Ebb-Flow and Eight Methods of Magic Tortoise.
  • Heat-reinforcing and Cold-Reducing and the Eight Needling Methods Dr. Zheng Yulin's Clinical Experience He was a well-known teacher of the Acupuncture Institute of China Academy of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, and published The Observation of the Therapeutic Effect on Treating the Retinal Vitreous Hemorrhage and The Summary of Therapeutic Effect on 102 Cases of Bi-Syndrome Treated by the Heat-Reinforcing and Cold-reducing Method.
  • Acupuncture with Massage to Induce Qi Flow and Kill Pain Zhao Yuqing's Clinical Experience Her works include Essentials of Acupuncture and Essentials of Acupuncture and Ten Manipulations of Massage.
  • Selection of Points Based on Minute Differentiation of Syndromes Zhao Erkang's Clinical Experience Mr. Zhao is one of the senior editors of the Journey of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His works include Chinese Acupuncture, Acupuncture Therapy in Prose Poem, etc.
  • Consistency of Pathogenesis, Method of Treatment, Prescription and Needling Techniques, and Correct Application of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Point Injection Jiang Shuming's Clinical Experience She treated liver diseases with point injection therapy and acupuncture in the early 1960'. She stressed the importance of gentle and swift insertion of the needle in combination with pressure of the skin with the fingers in order to reduce pain for the patient. She obtained marked therapeutic results.
  • Treatment of Diseases with the Five Ancient Acupuncture Techniques Jiang Yijun's Clinical Experience He is good at selection of the special points and the Eight confluent Points.
  • Skillful Needling Technique and Effective Methods for Saving the Dying and Curing the Sick Shi Jimin's Clinical Experience He took the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine. His works include On Febrile Disease, Acupuncture Clinical Case Examples, Treatments for the Dying and Essentials of Auscultation and Olfaction.
  • Reinforcing and Reducing with Moxibustion and Simple Selection of Acupoints Zhong Yueqi's Clinical Experience Dr. Zhong selected points precisely. He followed the principle given in the book Ode to the Standard of Mystery: One good point from one meridian is better than five points from three meridians. He selected points precisely and summed up a lot of simple and accurate methods for locating points in his clinical practice.
  • Stress on Differentiation of Qi, Toning the Spleen and Purging the Liver of Pathogenic Fire He Huiwu's Clinical Experience He had not only knew ancient Chinese, but also had a good command of English and Japanese, a solid grounding with which to inherit and develop acupuncture therapy. In differentiating syndromes Dr. He emphasized qi, pointing out qi is not only the source of force of life, but also the material basis of nutrition, because qi is derived from the vital essence of the parents and food nutrients.
  • Three Methods to Remove Stagnation of Qi - Chief Cause of a Disease He Puren's Clinical Experience Dr. He believes that stagnation of qi is the pathogenesis in traditional Chinese medicine. In light of the pathological changes due to stagnation of qi, he has designed three approaches to deal with various symptoms with success.
  • Skillful Use of Acupoints in Du Meridian and Confluent Points of Eight Extra Meridians, Pioneering in "Needle-Substitute Herbal Paster" and "Moxibustion with Herbal Pad" Qin Liangfu's Clinical Experience He has assisted in the research of the Infectious Route of Meridians and the Observation on Physiology and Biochemistry under Acupuncture Anesthesia.
  • Analysis of the Diseased Area with the Combined Approaches of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Depth on Puncturing the Points of the Du Meridian and the Shu-Points Yuan Shuo's Clinical Experience His diagnosis is usually made by a Western approach with differentiation of syndromes guided by traditional Chinese medicine, and selection of points according to the meridians.
  • Clinical Application of the Theory of Spleen and Stomach in Acupuncture Treatment Yuan Jiuling's Clinical Experience In treatment of wind-stroke, insomnia, dizziness, facial paralysis, tic of the facial muscles, Yuan often deals first with the spleen and stomach, the source of qi and blood, because abundant qi and blood guarantee good health.
  • Study and Application of the Lightning Point Xu Bin's Clinical Experience He joined four medical teams to work in Albania, North Yemen and Kuwait and received about 100,000 patients.
  • Quick Needling Technique and New Ways for Selecting Acupoints Xu Benren's Clinical Experience He published Quick Needling Technique, Observation of 225 Cases of Primary Trigeminal Neuralgia by Acupuncture. He has developed an apparatus known as the Portable Electric Fire Needle.
  • Inserting Needles in Sequence, Withdrawing Needles in Particular Conditions Gao Yuchun's Clinical Experience It is held by Dr. Gao that different methods to withdraw needles correspond to varied conditions to improve effects and reduce side-effects. Gao believes that improper withdrawal of needles may cause sticking of the needle and pain, or affect the curative effect.
  • Reinforcing and reducing Manipulations and the Properties of the Points, Investigation of New Points and Emphasis on Differentiation According to the Theory of Meridians and Collaterals Gao Zhenwu's Clinical Experience Dr. Gao is well-experienced with many acute and severe diseases such as angina pectoris, hypertension, and acute febrile diseases. He has also successfully treated arrhythemia, dizziness, Wei Syndrome, epilepsy, deaf-mutism, facial paralysis and sciatica.
  • Research on Breast Tumors Guo Chengjie's Clinical Experience He has been in charge of clinical research on acupuncture treatment of hyperplasia of the breast, and taken up research on the causative factors and mechanisms of acupuncture treatment of hyperplasia of the breast.
  • Theory and Application of the Effective Spots in Acupuncture Guo Xiaozong's Clinical Experience He is a well-known teacher in the national, international training class of the acupuncture. Research on needling benign thyroid tumors won a prize awarded by the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Treatment with Ren-Du Acupoints, Bleeding Collaterals in Relieving Blood Stagnation Xi Yongjiang's Clinical Experience Dr. Xi emphasizes that it is very important to have medical knowledge in clinical practice; that being a practitioner, one has to understand the constant change in diseases and on has to be free from the previous expression and experience in syndrome-pattern diagnosis, acupoints and therapeutic methods in order to find the correct differentiation of syndromes and to seek the corresponding therapy.
  • Four Needling Methods and Eye Disorder Differentiation Huang Shengyuan's Clinical Experience Dr. Huang is very experienced in treating patients for eye disorders. Such experience over his decades of acupuncture practice has been implemented in the HSY-86 Computer-aided Niagnotherapeutic Programme for Treating Eye Disorders.
  • Concise Selection of Acupoints and Seeking Qi Arrival by Manipulating the Needles Huang Xianming's Clinical Experience Professor Huang is good at treating gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and diabetic bladder diseases. Early in 1985, in cooperation with the Western medical doctors, he performed a tonsillectomy with his experience of acupuncture analgesia instead of drug anaesthesia, and initiated the induction of manipulating needles before an operation, which was successfully applied in subtotal thyroidectomy and ophthalmic operation. He tested the diagnosis and the treatment of ear acupuncture. In the 1970s, he manufactured a glass model of meridians and points with a field magnetic light.
  • Elaboration of Acupuncture Essentials and Eye Needling Therapy Peng Jingshan's Clinical Experience Professor Peng is known for his popular book Simplified Acupuncture Therapy and his application of acupuncture to the ophthalmic micro-system.
  • Treatment Based on Differentiation of Syndromes, Herbs and Acupuncture Being of the Same Source Cheng Xinnong's Clinical Experience Professor Cheng published Annotations on Classic on Medical Problems, Explanation of Classic on Medical Problems, etc. Giving treatment before disease arises is one of the principal Concepts in Internal Classics. It is stated in Classic on Medical Problems that, "while treating the lover disease it is necessary to reinforce the spleen before it is involved, because the liver and spleen are closely related to each other." Cheng believes when a diseased organ is being treated, measures must be taken to prevent its complication in other related organs.
  • Adopting Right Secondary Points and Puncture Techniques, Combining Acupuncture with Qigong Jiao Guorui's Clinical Experience Jiao has made great contributions to training domestic and foreign acupuncturists, and popularizing qigong. He has passed on his knowledge about qigong to people from about forty countries.
  • Research on Scalp Acupuncture Jiao Shunfa's Clinical Experience Since 1969, Professor Jiao has studied scalp acupuncture in treating hemiplegia. He summarized the scalp acupuncture systematically in 1971, and edited Scalp Acupuncture Therapy and Scalp Acupuncture.
  • Techniques of Deep Insertion at Fengfu Point and the Application of Direct Moxibustion Xie Xiliang's Clinical Experience Dr. Xie has published his works of Moxibustion Therapy and Calculating Diagram Dish of Ziwuliuzhu, etc.
  • Treatment Methods Varying with Different Symptoms, Effects Obtained from Different Acupoints Lou Baiceng's Clinical Experience Dr. Lou has especially original views of various acupuncture techniques. In 1980, he cooperated with the Zhejiang Computer Research Institute, his acupuncture clinical experience was put into the computer and then applied in clinical practice.
  • Application of Qi Inducing Method and Making A Herbal Fumigator Yan Youzhai's Clinical Experience If a loose sensation is felt under the needle and the qi fails to arrive even after the auxiliary manipulations are applied to induce the qi, Yan will release the external qi from Dantian to the puncturing hand to rotate, lift and thrust the needle to treat a disease. Yan has successfully treated gastoptosis, constipation, bi syndrome of the tendons, blindness.
  • Simultaneous Needling of Two acupoints and Selection of Specific Points Wei Fengpo's Clinical Experience Dr. Wei has accumulated experience in simultaneous needling of two points and selection of specific points in the treatment of disease.
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    Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturists' Clinical Experiences


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