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Chinese KungFu Series 4: A Drunkard's Boxing:KungFu-Traditional
Chinese KungFu Series 4: A Drunkard's Boxing[1 Book]
System #: BA-09-0105
ISBN:  962-238-003-4
ISBN:  9622380034
Author: Cai Longyun and Shao Shankang
Language:  Chinese/English
Publisher: Hai Feng Publishing Co.
Type: Paperback
Pages: 155 Pages
List price: $12.00
Our Price: $9.60

  • Names of Zuijiuquan Movements
  • Description of Zuijiuquan Movements
  • Essentials of Practising Zuijiuquan
  • Coauthors

    Zuijiuquan (A Drunkard's Boxing) is a pictographic boxing in Chinese Martial Arts. As the name connotes, it contains movements depicting a person in a drunken stat. With stemps faltering and body stumbling, the performer now raises his cup and pours out wine for himself, now wriggles and staggers along like a drunken man, as if on the verge of falling. With its unique and fantastic movements, this veritable heirloom has beenhanded down from generation to generation.

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    Chinese KungFu Series 4: A Drunkard's Boxing


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